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The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre (MVEC) website is governed by the same Terms & Conditions which apply to the MCRI website and which may be found here.

On this page, we set out some additional terms relating specifically to the MVEC website and the use of materials made available through the MVEC website.

MVEC eLearning packages, webinars, podcasts and other content

The e-Learning packages, webinars, podcasts and other content published on the MVEC website (together, the “MVEC Works”) contain material protected by intellectual property rights (including copyright) and are made available on the following terms:

  • the MVEC Works are made available for personal research or education purposes only (the “Permitted Purpose”)
  • you must not copy, reproduce or use MVEC Works for any commercial purposes – such as to sell or licence the MVEC Works to anyone else, or to incorporate the MVEC Works into any product or service
  • you are only permitted to access, download and use the MVEC Works as reasonably required for your own use for the Permitted Purpose.  If third parties wish to access and use the MVEC Works, please direct them to this website where they can access the MVEC Works on these terms and conditions
  • you must not edit or modify any MVEC Work – including removing any branding, acknowledgement, authorship or copyright notice
  • MCRI (and its collaborators where relevant) retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in and to the MVEC Works. Other than the limited right to use the MVEC Works for the Permitted Purpose and in accordance with all applicable laws, no rights or licences are granted in relation to the MVEC Works or any MCRI trade marks or logos
  • you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)) in relation to your use of any MVEC Work
  • The MVEC Works are provided as general information only. While we have taken all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the accuracy and completeness of the MVEC Works, we do not give any warranties and accept no liability in relation to any inaccuracy or incompleteness in the material.  You use the MVEC website and the MVEC Works at your own risk and you are solely responsible for all your acts or omissions carried out in connection with, or in reliance on, the MVEC Works
  • references to other websites, such as social networking sites, are provided solely for your convenience and to inform only and do not constitute or imply endorsements of any other organisation or affiliation with us. We are not responsible for the content or practices of linked sites or their privacy policies regarding the collection, storage, use and dissemination of personal information.

If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions applicable to the MVEC website and the materials published on the website, please contact us at [email protected].

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