For protection against vaccine-preventable diseases you need immunisations throughout your life, not just in infancy.

What immunisations you need depends on your Health, Age, Lifestyle and Occupation.

Everyone’s HALO is different.

Certain HEALTH issues, such as premature birth, asthma, diabetes, heart, lung, spleen or kidney conditions, will mean you can benefit from immunisation. According to your AGE it is recommended that you receive protection from different diseases. Some LIFESTYLE choices, such as overseas travel or smoking, or OCCUPATIONS which expose you to a greater risk of contact with diseases, will also mean you can benefit from immunisation.

The HALO is a conversation starter, to help you determine which immunisations would be beneficial for you or someone you care for. Remember, it is important to discuss you HALO with your doctor or immunisation provider.


Reviewed by: Rachael McGuire (SAEFVIC Research Nurse, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

Date: February 2018

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