In effort to meet the needs of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Monash Health and the Royal Children’s Hospital have launched drive-through immunisation clinics to make it easier for people to receive their immunisations. Receiving scheduled and additional vaccinations such as influenza remains essential, and both services aim to provide this in a safe setting outside of the hospital environment.

Families are reminded that it is safe and recommended to attend your local immunisation service (GP or local council) to receive scheduled vaccinations, however drive-through clinics are also available in Clayton and Parkville. A full list of Victorian council immunisation services can be accessed here.

Monash Health Immunisation drive-through clinic in Clayton

The drive-through clinic has been operational since April 2020 and has administered over 4500 vaccinations to Monash Health and Monash Children’s Hospital patients and their families, staff members and the general community.

The Monash Immunisation service provides a whole-of-life service, with a primary focus on the Monash Health patient community and the family members of this vulnerable patient cohort. However, the service is also available to the local community for vaccinations on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) for all ages as well as pertussis (whooping cough) and influenza immunisation for antenatal and postnatal mothers and partners.

Clinic details:

  • Monash Hall, 264 Clayton Road, Clayton 3168
  • Operating hours: 9am – 3pm weekdays (operating until November 13, 2020)
  • No referral or booking is required


The Royal Children’s Hospital drive-through clinic in Parkville

The Royal Children’s Hospital drive-through clinic was launched in August 2020 and aims to provide immunisations to the Royal Children’s Hospital patient community, their family members as well as the general community locally for all scheduled vaccines.

  • Royal Children’s Hospital carpark, 50 Flemington Road, Parkville 3052
    • Left hand turn off Flemington Road (follow signs)
  • Operating hours: 9am – 1pm Tuesdays only 
  • Bookings are mandatory (no referral required) and can be made here
  • As part of the COVID-19 visitor screening process, you will be contacted before your appointment and asked a series of standardised health questions


Author: Daniela Say (MVEC Immunisation Fellow, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Nigel Crawford (Director SAEFVIC, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Sonja Elia (Nurse Practitioner and Manager Immunisation Service, RCH), Joanne Hickman (NUM Monash Immunisation, Monash Health), Jim Buttery (Paediatrician/ ID physician, Monash Health), Jeremy Carr (Paediatrician/ ID physician, Monash Health), Karen Bellamy (Immunisation Nurse, Monash Health)

Date: September 2020

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