Vaccines are medications and like any medication, there are possible side effects or adverse events. Serious adverse events from immunisation are extremely rare. If you or your child has experienced an adverse event it should be reported to your local government health authority for follow up and management.

Please see the list below for the appropriate body to report to, according to your state or territory.

It is important to note that these services do not provide emergency care and are reporting services only.

If you require medical assistance please see your GP, local emergency department or dial 000 if immediate support is required.

Author: Rachael McGuire (MVEC Education Nurse Coordinator)

Reviewed by: Francesca Machingaifa (MVEC Education Nurse Coordinator)

Date: February 2022

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You should not consider the information in this site to be specific, professional medical advice for your personal health or for your family’s personal health. For medical concerns, including decisions about vaccinations, medications and other treatments, you should always consult a healthcare professional.