The current vaccine safety clinics managed by SAEFVIC have historically had a paediatric focus. With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines within Australia and the initial priority groups involving adults, the VicSIS network has been created to enhance adult immunisation services in Victoria to address queries and safely vaccinate under supervision, if required. These services can provide specialist immunisation support and provide a link between the key stakeholders, the Department of Health, SAEFVIC and hospital sites that form part of the network.

How does VicSIS work?

 The VicSIS network will provide specialist vaccination services for people who have experienced an adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) with a COVID-19 vaccine, or those who are identified as at risk of an AEFI (for example, people with a history of anaphylaxis). Most people are able to proceed with future vaccines following an AEFI. Clinical consults will be offered in which individual recommendations will be developed. VicSIS clinics will have the ability to vaccinate under extended observation.

Referring to VicSIS

 There are various pathways for referring to a VicSIS specialist immunisation clinic which are demonstrated in figure 1 below.

Figure 1 – Image courtesy of Sally Gordon, Eleanor Duckworth, Nigel Crawford, Hazel Clothier and Michelle Wolthuizen, March 2021

VicSIS sites coordinated by SAEFVIC

There are currently nine VicSIS sites in Victoria, each with their own specialists. Referrals can be made to the emails listed in Table 1 below, using the VicSIS clinics guide and referral form.

VicSIS Clinic Attention to Referral email
Monash Health (includes specialist allergy clinic) Tony Korman
Austin Hospital (includes specialist allergy clinic) Joseph DeLuca and Jason Trubiano
Alfred Hospital Michelle Giles
Royal Melbourne Hospital Katherine Gibney
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Ben Teh
Barwon Health Callum Maggs
Sunshine Hospital Marion Kainer
Northern Hospital Craig Aboltins Via 
Royal Children’s Hospital SAEFVIC



Authors: Nigel Crawford (Director SAEFVIC, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Francesca Machingaifa (MVEC Education Nurse Coordinator), Rachael McGuire (MVEC Education Nurse Coordinator), Sally Gordon (VicSIS Lead, Department of Health), Elise Virah Sawmy (Senior Project Officer, VicSIS, Department of Health)

Reviewed by: Elise Virah Sawmy (Senior Project Officer, VicSIS, Department of Health)

Date: April 2021

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