The Education Hub – Conversation with the experts

MVEC’s Rachael McGuire was a guest on the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Education Hub podcast, ‘Conversation with the experts’.

Vaccine administration and insights
In this episode, we explore the intricacies of vaccine administration in community settings with Rachael McGuire, Education Nurse Coordinator at The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre. This episode covers a range of topics, including optimal locations for childhood vaccinations, tips for immunisers, strategies for enhancing patient comfort and handling common concerns like allergies and illnesses. Rachael also shares valuable insights into professional collaboration, emerging trends in vaccination and essential resources for healthcare professionals.



Education Nurse Coordinator, Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre

Rachael is a Registered Nurse and accredited Nurse Immuniser with a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education. She has experience immunising at local council, travel clinics and hospital immunisation services, including SAEFVIC. Her special interests lie in vaccine safety, the immunisation of special risk groups and vaccine equity. In 2023, Rachael’s enthusiasm for public health led to her involvement in DFAT-funded projects in Lao PDR, providing education and support to improve decision-making around immunisation policy.