ABC News: What you need to consider if you’re planning to travel overseas with your unvaccinated kids

With international borders now open in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, experts are urging people to plan trips carefully, especially when accompanied by unvaccinated children.  

郑达瑞博士Fellow at the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne shares his key recommendations for parents travelling overseas with unvaccinated kids, including weighing up the risks and benefits, and the importance of being well prepared and familiar with local health systems in their travel destinations. 

What you need to consider if you’re planning to travel overseas with your unvaccinated kids

Omicron variant: will the COVID-19 Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines protect you?

Scientists around the world are looking at whether protective antibodies in the current COVID-19 vaccines are “sufficiently high” to cover the new Omicron strain. Additionally, the WHO and governments are assessing the severity of the new variant. 

Vaccine makers, including Pfizer and Moderna have been working on “next-generation” mRNA vaccines that would be able to target particular variants circulating. Current data suggests that the COVID-19 vaccines used in Australia will protect against severe disease. 

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Omicron variant: will the COVID-19 辉瑞公司, Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines protect you? 

Moderna says new vaccine for Omicron variant may be ready in early 2022

Moderna Inc. Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton has announced that they are working rapidly to test the current vaccine against the Omicron variant and studying two booster candidates. 

Current data suggests that protection against the new strain still exists, depending on the length of time passed from an individual's second vaccine dose. 

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Moderna says new vaccine for Omicron variant may be ready in early 2022  


New educational resource: Generation Next course on COVID and kids

MVEC has collaborated with the team at Generation Next on a new resource featuring Dr Daryl Cheng to provide helpful strategies to get kids back to school safely and reduce transmission of COVID-19 in this group.

Course content reflects the combined efforts of immunisation paediatricians, adult physicians, immunisation nurses, infectious disease, and allergy specialists, as well as infection control teams. The information works to provide guidance and support for parents and communities to ensure a safe transition to a new COVID normal.

To enrol in this free course, please click on the link below:

Next Generation course: Covid and kids

COVID19 疫苗之路的最后一集:Walter Orenstein 教授

在本播客系列的最后一集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与 Walter Orenstein 教授进行了交谈。 Orenstein 博士是埃默里大学医学、流行病学、全球健康和儿科学教授;埃默里疫苗中心副主任兼埃默里疫苗政策与开发部主任。 Orenstein 博士是疫苗学专家,曾在美国疾病控制和预防中心工作,担任美国免疫规划署署长,目前是多个 WHO 小组的成员。此外,他还是疫苗教科书 Plotkin's Vaccines 的共同编辑,7 版。在这一集中,他们讨论了:

  • 在 SARS-CoV-2 大流行和疫苗开发的背景下可以从 Plotkin 的疫苗中吸取的教训
  • 最近的新闻稿显示了由辉瑞/BioNTech 和 Moderna 开发的两种 mRNA COVID-19 候选疫苗的有希望的早期结果
  • 一旦使用疫苗,持续监测疫苗的安全性和有效性的关键作用
  • 当疫苗可用时可能最优先的群体
  • 儿童在 SARS-CoV-2 传播中的作用以及他们是否需要接种疫苗
  • SARS-CoV-2 疫苗保护相关性的重要性
  • 需要监测疫苗相关的增强型疾病 (VAED)
  • 免疫接种提供者支持免疫接种后不良事件 (AEFI) 报告的重要性
  • 沟通在支持疫苗接受和采用方面的重要性
  • 研制 COVID-19 疫苗的关键后续步骤:更好地了解需要多少剂量以及何时需要,确定优先次序,以便最有效地使用疫苗(具有明确的分配系统);并向公众传达社会疏远和戴口罩将持续一段时间,因为不会立即达到正常水平,即使有令人兴奋的新型有效 COVID-19 疫苗



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The Conversation: Moderna’s COVID vaccine reports 95% efficacy

The American biotech company Moderna has released early data from phase III clinical trials, announcing that its COVID-19 vaccine has an efficacy level of 94.5%.

Like Pfizer's vaccine, the Moderna vaccine is also an mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine, however will be easier to distribute as its temperature requirements are 4℃ for 30 days (rather than -70℃ as in the case of the Pfizer vaccine); and for storage requirements beyond 30 days it needs to be kept at -20℃.

The stage III trial involved 30,000 participants, out of those 95 people developed COVID-19 in the week after the final vaccination, with 90 of those being in the placebo group and only 5 in the group who received the COVID vaccine.

It is unknown how long protection from this vaccine lasts and how effective it is in the elderly, pregnant women or those with a chronic illness; however, in results Moderna published in September the vaccine produced a similar amount of antibodies in adults over 70 as adults under 70 years of age. It did however induce fewer T cells in people aged over 71, so at this stage it is not know whether this will result in lower protection or shorter lasting immunity in the elderly.

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COVID19 疫苗之路第 17 集:与 Bonnie Henry 博士一起在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省如何管理 COVID-19 大流行

在我们的 COVID19 疫苗之路系列的第 17 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与加拿大 BC 省卫生官员 (PHO) Bonnie Henry 博士进行了交谈。作为 PHO,邦妮正在领导全省应对新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 疫情的工作。 Bonnie 自 2018 年初以来一直担任这一职务,在此之前曾担任副 PHO 三年。她专注于公共卫生和预防医学,并拥有在巴基斯坦参与世界卫生组织和联合国儿童基金会根除脊髓灰质炎项目以及在乌干达埃博拉疫情期间与世界卫生组织合作的背景。她拥有领导应对 SARS、H1N1 大流行和 BC 省药物过量紧急情况的经验。邦妮是不列颠哥伦比亚大学医学院的副教授,也是加拿大国家免疫咨询委员会的成员。她和奈杰尔讨论了以下内容:

  • Bonnie 目前的职责是领导 BC 省应对 COVID-19 大流行
  • 她从 2003 年 SARS 爆发中学到了什么,以及如何将这些经验和知识应用于当前的大流行,例如接触者追踪、控制疫情的重要性以及与公众沟通的重要性
  • COVID-19 疫苗将在加拿大发挥的作用以及需要面对的挑战,例如物流、确保足够的安全性、确定首先免疫的优先群体以及保护土著社区
  • 监测免疫接种后不良事件的至关重要



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BBC: Covid vaccine - First 'milestone' vaccine offers 90% protection

Vaccine developers Pfizer and BioNTech have announced preliminary data shows their COVID-19 vaccine is demonstrating 90% effectiveness. The vaccine has been tested on over 43,000 people in six countries (USA, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Turkey). They are planning to apply for emergency approval so the vaccine can be in use by the end of November.

Requiring two doses three weeks apart, the vaccine has been developed using an mRNA platform. Scientists take part of the virus’s genetic code and coat it in a lipid so that it can enter the body’s cells resulting in the production of the coronavirus spike protein, prompting the immune system to produce antibodies and T-cells to kill the infected cells. If the person who has been immunised encounters the virus, the antibodies and T-cells are then activated to fight the virus.

It is not known how effective the vaccine will be in elderly people as yet or how long immunity will last. This vaccine is not without manufacturing and logistical challenges, as mRNA vaccines need to be stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius. To date, no major safety issues have been identified.

Read more about this via the link below:

BBC: Covid vaccine: First 'milestone' vaccine offers 90% protection 


COVID19 疫苗之路第 16 集:Norman Baylor 教授的 COVID-19 候选疫苗监管流程更新

在我们的新冠疫苗之路系列节目第 16 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授再次与 Norman Baylor 教授进行了交谈。贝勒教授是美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)疫苗研究和审查中心办公室前主任,也是生物制剂咨询公司的总裁兼首席执行官,现任世界卫生组织顾问。


  • 最近召开的 FDA 疫苗和相关生物制品咨询委员会会议按照惯例向公众开放
  • 像澳大利亚这样的大量国家可以从这些公开论坛的透明度中学习
  • 美国 COVID-19 候选疫苗的疫苗功效阈值是什么以及设定的值是多少
  • 将儿童和孕妇等特殊风险群体纳入临床试验
  • 当超过一种功效不同的 COVID-19 疫苗上市时,可能会造成混乱
  • 持续收集数据以监测疫苗的安全性和有效性
  • 暂停或临床暂停是临床试验的正常部分
  • 随着 COVID-19 疫苗的问世,监管机构沟通的重要性



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在第 15 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与 Lynn Gillam 教授进行了对话。林恩是一位接受过哲学和生物伦理学培训的临床伦理学家。她是墨尔本大学墨尔本人口与全球健康学院健康公平中心的教授;澳大利亚墨尔本皇家儿童医院儿童生物伦理中心学术主任。儿童生物伦理中心为临床医生提供有关患者护理问题的道德决策等支持。 Nigel 和 Lynn 将利用美国堪萨斯城儿童慈善医院的 John Lantos 博士在最近举行的生物伦理学电子会议上提出的观点框架,讨论 SARS-CoV-2 疫苗中提出的一些伦理问题儿童生命伦理中心主办:

  • 认识到不做某事或不进行研究本身就是一个决定的重要性
  • “太快不安全”的概念——有些步骤需要花他们一直采取的时间,有些事情可以更快地完成,认识到如果你什么都不做,你就会允许伤害发生
  • 伦理委员会的作用和疫苗的开发方式,即在研究中使用更年轻、更健康的参与者,而不是患有最严重疾病的个人
  • 儿童和老年人参与临床试验以及其伦理考虑的主要差异
  • 当 SARS-CoV-2 疫苗上市时,全球公平获取疫苗的机会是什么?谁首先获得这些疫苗?应该如何做出这些决定?
  • 公民陪审团在决定谁在大流行情况下优先获得疫苗方面的作用
  • 强制接种疫苗
  • 胎儿胚胎细胞系在疫苗开发中的应用



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