The प्रतिरक्षण पर ऑस्ट्रेलियाई तकनीकी सलाहकार समूह (ATAGI) have published advice related to the administration of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines.

Due to a lack of safety and immunogenicity data on the co-administration of these vaccines, it is therefore recommended that influenza and COVID-19 vaccines are not administered on the same day, but with a minimum interval of 14 days. There is no preference regarding the order of vaccine administration, noting that both the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines require a 2-dose schedule. If influenza and COVID-19 vaccines are inadvertently administered on the same day or are administered within a shorter timeframe than 14 days, revaccination with either vaccine is not recommended.

To read the advice in full, refer to the link below:

ATAGI advice on influenza and COVID-19 vaccines