As of April 23, 2021 a total of 6 cases of थ्रोम्बोसाइटोपेनिया सिंड्रोम के साथ घनास्त्रता have been reported in Australia in people who have received dose 1 of COVID-19 AstraZeneca. Severity of cases have varied including 1 fatal outcome. In all reported cases, symptoms of TTS began 4-26 days after immunisation.

The latest statement from ATAGI reinforces the current advice:

  • Comirnaty™ is the prefered COVID-19 vaccine brand for administration in those < 50 years of age. COVID-19 AstraZeneca may be administered in this age group if the benefits of immunisation are deemed to outweigh any risks
  • Due to the ongoing potential for a COVID-19 outbreak, as well as an increased risk of severe disease and mortality associated with COVID-19 infection, the benefit of immunisation with COVID-19 AstraZeneca for adults > 50 years of age continues to outweigh the risks associated with the vaccine
  • TTS can occur at any age, however current evidence shows that the incidence of TTS is less for older adults than younger adults
  • ATAGI continues to recommend that people who received the first dose of COVID-19 AstraZeneca without any serious adverse event (eg. anaphylaxis or TTS) can receive the second dose. Current data suggests that the risk of TTS following receipt of a second dose of COVID-19 AstraZeneca is considerably lower. From more than 2 million second doses administered internationally, there has been 1 case of TTS reported following dose 2 of COVID-19 AstraZeneca (reported in the UK)

To read the statement in full refer to the link below:

ATAGI reinforce recommendations on use of COVID-19 vaccines following review of vaccine safety data and benefits