With some European countries opting to pause the rollout of COVID-19 AstraZeneca in response to reports of blood clots, Australian experts have cautioned against any pauses whilst investigations are underway.

Thromboembolic events occur in approximately 17,000 Australians per year. In a global vaccine rollout it is therefore expected that some people will develop a blood clot coincidentally after they have received the vaccine. This does not meant that the vaccine caused it.

Since COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccinations began, there have been 30 thromboembolic events reported (as of March 10, 2021) in approximately 5 million vaccine recipients. This is lower than the natural rate expected to occur.

All adverse events must be thoroughly investigated. The robust safety surveillance systems in Australia are established to effectively identify any signals requiring follow up. Extreme caution is urged when considering a pause in rollout while investigations are underway as this can damage vaccine confidence.

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