What is it?

The Western Health Immunisation Service at Joan Kirner Women and Children’s Hospital was established in July 2017. Run by immunisation nurses with the support of specialist paediatricians and infectious disease consultants, it is a walk-in clinic for patients and families of the hospital and local area. The clinic provides opportunistic paediatric immunisations for inpatients and outpatients according to the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and antenatal immunisations.

Open Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm, excluding public holidays.


Ground Floor, Sunshine Hospital, Joan Kirner Women and Children’s Hospital

First Floor, Sunshine Hospital, Joan Kirner Women and Children’s Hospital

Western Health: Sunshine Hospital 


Authors: Michelle Giles (Infectious Diseases Consultant, Western Health) and Francesca Machingaifa (SAEFVIC Research Nurse, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute). 

Date: December 2019

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