Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Immunisation Drop-in centre is providing vaccinations to RCH patients only, and based on clinical need.  Children and families who are not current patients of the RCH are encouraged to visit their local GP or other immunisation provider – see MVEC: Victorian council immunisations sessions for information on local council immunisation services. 

What is it?

The RCH Immunisation Service Drop-in Centre was established in March 2001.

The Drop-in Centre provides opportunistic vaccines for patients and parents at the hospital, and, where available, non-patients (appointments are required for catch-up immunisation plans). Led by a specialist nursing team (and run by Nurse Practitioner and Manager Sonja Elia), it also provides specialist immunisation advice. The team supports outpatient clinics such as the Immunisation Clinic (Tuesday am), Immigrant Health clinic (Monday pm) and dedicated BCG clinics (for infants aged less then 12 months). The Drop-in Centre also provide seasonal vaccines, such as influenza; and deliver Palivizumab (RSV prophylaxis) for at risk infants.

With a Nurse Practitioner now available, vaccines that are not on the National Immunisation Program, such as Meningococcal B and Meningococcal ACWY are now available for purchase.  Appointments are required and are available Mon, Tues and Wed between 1pm and 3pm.

The staff at the Drop-in Centre employ a range of distraction techniques to reduce pain and anxiety and when these techniques are unsuccessful, can offer an “Immunisation under sedation” service. Please telephone the service for more information, bookings are essential.


Immunisation clinic – referrals can be sent directly to fax number (03) 9345 4163.

BCG clinic – referrals can be sent directly to fax number (03) 9345 5034.

Inpatients and Outpatients – Can be seen by one of the Immunisation Nurse Specialists at RCH, no referral is required.


Telephone: Immunisation hotline 1300 882 924 (option 2) or direct (03) 9345 6599 / 9345 6399.
Pager: 4330 via hospital switchboard (03) 9345 5522.
Email: immunisation.centre@rch.org.au
Facsimile: (03) 9345 4100.


Author: Sonja Elia (Nurse Practitioner and Manager Immunisation Service, RCH)

Reviewed by: Sonja Elia (Nurse Practitioner and Manager Immunisation Service, RCH) and Francesca Machingaifa (SAEFVIC Research Nurse, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

Date: December 2019

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