'Get the facts about immunisation' - Launch of the 2020 childhood immunisation education campaign

The Governments ‘Get the Facts about Immunisation’ campaign supports parents of children aged 0-5 years and expectant parents in their decision making about childhood vaccinations.

The 2020 phase of the campaign builds upon the success of previous phases with a focus on the importance of vaccinating on time, the protection provided by vaccination, as well as continuing to address concerns around vaccine safety.

The campaign continues to address vaccination uptake in at-risk populations through supplementary targeted media and public relations materials developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.

The 8 week campaign commenced 16 February 2020 and will feature across national television for the first time for greater reach, supported by supported by search, social, online and out-of-home channels.

To find out more and access the campaign materials including posters, brochures and videos, visit the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign website, ‘Get the facts about immunisation’.

New immunisation reference page: Gelatin allergy and vaccines

Gelatin in vaccines can cause allergic reactions therefore people with severe allergies to gelatin should avoid gelatin-containing vaccines. See our new Gelatin allergy and vaccines reference page for more information.

MVEC: Gelatin allergy & vaccines


Maternal vaccination during pregnancy reference page update

We have recently updated our Vaccines in pregnancy immunisation reference page. Influenza and pertussis vaccines are recommended in pregnancy.  All live vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy. Read our updated page for further information!

MVEC: Maternal vaccination during pregnancy

New immunisation reference page: Recommended additional vaccines for purchase up to 20 years of age (unfunded)

There are additional vaccines recommended by vaccine experts that are available for private purchase. They are not free as they are not listed on the National Immunisation Program or funded by the government. See our new immunisation reference page for more information about which additional vaccines are recommended for people aged up to 20 years old here:

MVEC: Recommended additional vaccines for purchase up to 20 years of age (unfunded)