Updated immunisation reference page: Influenza

We have recently updated our Influenza reference page in accordance with 2023 vaccine recommendations. 

The reference page includes up-to-date vaccine brand and dosing advice, information about eligibility for funded doses under the National Immunisation Program and a helpful commonly asked questions guide. 

To view the updated page in full, follow the link below: 

MVEC: Influenza

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines have now expired

As of 20 March 2023, all AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (Vaxzevria) stock available in Australia has expired.  

Any remaining stock should not be administered and should be disposed of according to your state or territory’s requirements. 

Nuvaxovid (Novavax), Spikevax (Moderna) and Comirnaty (Pfizer) remain available for COVID-19 vaccine administration. 

NCIRS: Recording of COVID-19 and influenza vaccination update 2023

The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) has recently uploaded recordings of presentation from its annual influenza webinar, held on 16 March 2023. 

This year, the webinar included presentations on: 

  • Learnings from the recent northern hemisphere winter experience managing COVID-19 and influenza 
  • The latest Australian COVID-19 vaccination and booster recommendations 
  • 2023 Australian influenza vaccination recommendations across the lifespan, including important changes for 0-5 year olds 

NCIRS 2023 webinar recordings

New England Journal of Medicine Interview: What to expect from Covid-19 vaccines

In this New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) audio interview, virologist and immunologist Dr Barney Graham discusses structural biology and the future of COVID-19, RSV and other vaccines.  

Dr Graham was at the forefront of vaccine development for COVID-19 and has a background studying RSV. In this interview, he reflects on his work with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) and emphasises the importance of education for improving vaccine uptake. 

NEJM Audio interview with Barney Graham