Clinical Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases David Isaacs talks about the COVID-19 pandemic

Clinical Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases David Isaacs and his son, Mark Isaacs, writer, researcher, photographer and community worker have recorded a podcast about the COVID-19 pandemic and what you need to know. It is a great overview of the COVID-19 pandemic and helps to dispel some of the myths and hysteria surrounding the disease.

The original post with links to the transcript can be found here: Professor David Isaacs talks about COVID-19

The podcast can be found here:

ChangeMakers: Professor David Isaacs Change Maker Chat


Pharmacist Immuniser Update

Victorian Pharmacist Immunisers are now authorised to administer influenza vaccines to patients 10-years and older and pertussis-containing, measles-mumps-rubella and meningococcal ACWY vaccines to people aged 15 years and older. 

For more information see the most recent DHHS Secretary Approval: Pharmacist Immuniser.

See also our updated MVEC: Pharmacist Immuniser page and the MVEC: Influenza vaccine recommendations page. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & pregnancy

An article from the Raising Children's Network about Coronavirus and pregnancy.  Coronavirus is new, so we’re still learning about it and how it affects people, including pregnant women and their babies.  However, new evidence suggests pregnant women don’t seem to be more likely to get coronavirus than other healthy people of the same age. Use the link below to read the full article. 

Coronavirus (COVIID-19) & pregnancy

The Royal Children's Hospital immunisation service closed to the public

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Immunisation Drop-in centre is providing vaccinations to RCH patients only, and based on clinical need.  Children and families who are not current patients of the RCH are encouraged to visit their local GP or other immunisation provider. 

The MVEC: Victorian council immunisation session page has the contact details of councils within Victoria, many of whom have updated their websites to advise how they will be providing immunisation services in light of COVID-19. Please contact your local council directly for the most up to date information. 

How do I know which influenza brand to use in the 2020 influenza season?

There are a number of seasonal influenza vaccines available for use in Australia in the 2020 influenza season.

Some influenza brands are already in circulation. This can cause some confusion therefore we encourage everyone to be familiar with the brands and dosing guidelines in 2020.
Influenza brand and dosing guidelines 2020:
Age group Brand and dose
FluQuadri® 0.5ml (Sanofi) Vaxigrip Tetra® 0.5ml (Sanofi) Fluarix Tetra® 0.5ml (GSK) Afluria Quad® 0.5ml (Seqirus) Influvac Tetra® 0.5ml (Mylan) Fluad® Quad 0.5ml (Seqirus)
<6-months Too young to receive vaccine (N/A)
6 to 35-months (<3-years) *¥ 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml N/A N/A N/A
≥3-years to <5-years *¥ 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml N/A 0.5ml N/A
≥5 to <65-years *¥ 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml N/A


0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml 0.5ml#

For further information on seasonal influenza vaccines in 2020, refer to our MVEC resources: Influenza vaccine recommendations page



Coronavirus (COVID-19) and children in Australia

Your kids are hearing about coronavirus (COVID-19). The Raising Children Network (Australia) has developed a useful resource to ensure they get reliable information.

Here are some tips on how to talk about it: COVID-19 and children in Australia

Statement on school closures in Victoria; a Department of Health announcement

The Department of Health has released a statement made by Dr Brett Sutton, the Victorian Chief Medical Officer, on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and school closures in Victoria

You can read the announcement here DHHS Vic: Education sector and COVID-19

MJA podcast now available: COVID-19 in Australia with Professor Allen Cheng

The MJA have released a podcast with Professor Allen Cheng, Director of the Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology Unit at Alfred Health. He and MJA news and online editor Cate Swannell discuss how COVID-19 may behave in Australia and how we can protect ourselves and our patients.

Listen to the podcast here:

MJA Podcasts 2020 Episode 8: COVID-19 in Australia, with Prof Allen Cheng


Clinical Vaccinology Update (CVU) 2020 - Postponed

Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation which WHO has now declared a pandemic, the 11th CVU is postponed.

Please see our Events page for more details.

Influenza vaccine 2020 FAQ's

MVEC’s Frequently Asked Questions for the 2020 Influenza season are now available online

To view our reference page please click on the following link:

MVEC: Influenza vaccines: Frequently asked questions