There has been a slow uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in Papua New Guinea (PNG), thought to be due to the impact of misinformation. With stocks of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines nearing their expiry date, creative initiatives have been undertaken in an effort to boost uptake.

Among these initiatives is the development of PNG’s first mobile vaccination unit, a yellow bus. The bus takes vaccines to communities enabling the locals to see the vaccination process in action.

All supplies, vaccines and emergency equipment required to vaccinate can be taken to villages in the bus, some of which don’t have their own health clinics. This community led initiative enables people to seek information from health providers in an effort to overcome hesitancy and misinformation and get vaccinated.

With widespread community transmission, a focus remains on encouraging health care workers to get vaccinated, as well as eligible members of the community such as the elderly and those with comorbidities.

To read more about Papua New Guinea’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the mobile vaccination unit please refer to the link below:

ABC: With their AstraZeneca supplies nearing expiration, PNG comes up with creative ways to vaccinate people