The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has released a statement on defining ‘up-to-date’ status for COVID-19 vaccination.

The guidance summarises ‘up-to-date’ vaccination status as the number and timing of appropriate COVID-19 vaccine doses recommended for and received by an individual, according to their age and other factors.

The recommendations aim to provide the optimal individual and/or population protective vaccination benefits (over risks) and take into account other factors, such as vaccine access. COVID-19 vaccine up-to-date status will likely need to be modified over time, with the ATAGI recommendations based on future changes in disease epidemiology and as new evidence becomes available regarding booster doses, including those that may be specifically targeting variants of concern (VOC).

To read the statement in full, click on the link below:
ATAGI statement on defining ‘up-to-date’ status for COVID-19 vaccination