MVEC featured on health podcasts

MVEC nurse educators Katie Butler and Rachael McGuire have recently featured as guests on local health podcasts.

Katie was a guest on the PAEDS Education ‘PEADS Small Talk’ podcast, as part of a mini series celebrating International Nurses Day (12 May).
Listen now, IND Mini Series: Katie – The Immunisation Educator Nurse

Rachael was a guest on the Royal Children’s Hospital Education Hub podcast ‘The conversation with the experts’ where she discussed vaccine administration.
Listen now, Vaccine administration insights

New episodes: The Vaccine Coverage

Today, MVEC released the fourth episode of our new podcast. 

The most recent two episodes feature Prof Jim Buttery and Prof Nigel Crawford on the process of rolling out a vaccine, and Dr Linny Kimly Phuong on vaccines and the immune system. The podcast is tailored for an audience of both healthcare professionals and members of the general public. 

Search ‘The Vaccine Coverage’ on your preferred podcast player, or listen via our website.

Once you have listened to the episodes, we would be grateful to get some feedback via this short survey. 

New MVEC podcast: The Vaccine Coverage

MVEC is excited to share that we will be launching a brand new podcast series: The Vaccine Coverage.

This podcast series will feature conversations with special guests on a range of topics relating to vaccination in Australia. The Vaccine Coverage is for anyone who wants to learn more about vaccination: parents, individuals receiving vaccines and vaccine providers too.

Stay tuned.

And in the meantime, check out our previous podcast series COVID19 Road to a vaccine, in which MVEC Director Prof Nigel Crawford interviewed national and international vaccine experts in the leadup to the launch of COVID-19 vaccines.

Get involved in MVEC’s next project

MVEC is currently producing a new podcast series that covers the basics of vaccination in Australia. Do you have questions you’d like answered on the podcast?

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The dangers of vaccine misinformation: Robert F Kennedy Jr

Recently, you may have read about Robert F Kennedy Jr’s anti-vaccine views after he was featured on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Robert F Kennedy Jr is a long-time promoter of vaccine misinformation.

A recent report from the MSNBC news network in the United States demonstrates the real-world dangers of vaccine misinformation.

The report examines how the 2019 measles epidemic in Samoa was linked to Robert F Kennedy’s statements on the measles vaccine. Robert F Kennedy Jr's anti-vaccine group Children’s Health Defense bolstered a local Samoan anti-vaccine movement which had emerged in response to the 2018 deaths of two children after vaccine administration errors. The anti-vaccine movement misrepresented the vaccine itself as the cause of death, leading to a significant decrease in vaccination rates.

Not only did vaccine misinformation contribute to the devastating measles epidemic, but it also overshadowed important discussions relating to vaccine errors.

Nurse and educator Jessica Stokes-Parish has written Vaccine Concerns & SciComm: An Analysis about the scientific community’s reaction to Robert F Kennedy Jr. From a science communications lens, she analyses some common strategies that may be intended to discredit misinformation but fail to engage and educate the general public.

MVEC on Instagram: Ask a vaccine expert

MVEC has recently started a new series of videos on social media: Ask a vaccine expert.

In addition to sharing information on our website and newsletter, MVEC regularly posts vaccine information on Instagram and Twitter @mvecau and our Facebook page Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre – MVEC.

Our new series of short videos features different vaccine experts responding to questions sent in by our followers. For example, MVEC director Prof Nigel Crawford recently answered audience questions on COVID-19 vaccines. To watch these videos and send in your own questions, follow our Instagram page.

In addition to short videos, our social media pages offer easy-to-read explanations and summaries on a range of vaccine-related topics, highlight interesting news articles and provide relevant updates from trusted sources.

New England Journal of Medicine Interview: What to expect from Covid-19 vaccines

In this New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) audio interview, virologist and immunologist Dr Barney Graham discusses structural biology and the future of COVID-19, RSV and other vaccines.  

Dr Graham was at the forefront of vaccine development for COVID-19 and has a background studying RSV. In this interview, he reflects on his work with the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) and emphasises the importance of education for improving vaccine uptake. 

NEJM Audio interview with Barney Graham 

MVEC holiday period closure

On behalf of the MVEC Team, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season with your loved ones.  

Our team will be taking a break and will return in February to provide you with more vaccine education, resources and events in 2023. We'd love to hear from you if there are any specific vaccine topics you would like to see covered next year! 

We also want to say a huge thank you to all our amazing collaborators who have kindly shared their expert knowledge across a number of important vaccine topics and across all of the MVEC platforms this year! 

If you’re travelling this holiday season, stay safe, make sure your vaccines are up to date and pack your sunscreen and insect repellent! 

The Conversation: COVID vaccines for children under 5 are almost here. Here’s what parents need to know

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has provisionally approved a paediatric dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children aged from six months.  

MVEC’s Dr Daryl Cheng, along with A/Prof Margie Danchin, explore what parents need to know ahead of Australia’s rollout of the Moderna vaccine in this cohort, including the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and the benefits and implications of vaccinating this age group in this article.  

To read the article in full, please click on the link below:
The Conversation: COVID vaccines for children under 5 are almost here. Here’s what parents need to know 

ABC: A surge in influenza cases in Queensland prompts doctors to issue vaccine warning for children and vulnerable groups

Experts warn that children are increasingly more vulnerable to influenza disease this year. MVEC’s paediatric infectious disease specialist Dr Angela Berkhout explains that children, particularly those under two years of age have low levels of natural immunity to flu as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  

While flu season has yet to peak, hospitals in Queensland have already experienced an influx in the number of flu patients requiring hospital admission, including intensive care. This article explores key considerations for vaccinating children, seniors over the age of 65 years and other vulnerable groups.  

To read the full article, follow the link below:  

ABC: A surge in influenza cases in Queensland prompts doctors to issue vaccine warning for children and vulnerable groups

For the more information on influenza vaccines and the 2022 influenza season please see our resources below: 

MVEC: Influenza 

MVEC: Influenza FAQs