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We would like to advise you that the SAEFVIC website address has changed to which is a national surveillance website

*Please note will be temporarily redirected to the new website.


  • Your existing login details will still work on this new website so there is no need to reregister**.
  • Upon signing in you will be automatically directed to the Victorian, SAEFVIC arm which continues to only be accessible by SAEFVIC staff.
  • There is no change to our reporting or follow up services so please continue to report as usual.


New Users

For new users of you will need to register via the Register tab on the homepage. Please enter email address, create password and all other required fields. Subsequent logins will be via the Login tab entering username and selected password. Once logged in your details will be auto filled on the Reporter details page.


If you have any queries you can contact us on 1300 882 924 (Option 1) or



The SAEFVIC team


**For those reporters who live interstate and registered a non-Victorian address, you will need to re-register with a Victorian address. The new AEFI-CAN system is state-based so automatically directs users to the portal for the state/territory registered in their account.

The Clinical Vaccinology Update is back!

The CVU is back and will be held on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at Monash University in Caulfield. To book your tickets to the CVU, head to our events page.

See previous events.

New Zoster vaccine (Zostavax®) FAQs reference page

SAEFVIC has updated its Zoster resources and developed a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for use by providers. The Zoster vaccine FAQs page provides answers to questions on the use of Zostavax® and can be used in conjunction with existing resources in the Zoster MVEC page.


Updated Meningococcal page

MVEC's Meningococcal disease and vaccines page has been updated. Please note, we have now combined the pages for all Meningococcal vaccines under the one Immunisation reference page.

2017 TVU Presentations now available

Thank you again to all who attended the 2017 Travel Vaccine Update held here at the Royal Children's Hospital on August 31st. If you would like to revisit the presentations that took place on the night, please head to our Events page for the downloadable versions from our presenters.

Immunisation - Get the Facts

A new campaign has been launched by the Government to encourage parents to 'Get The Facts About Immunisation'.

We know parents want evidence based information to support decision making about childhood vaccinations, so we're making it easier to 'get the facts'.

You can find out more information about the campaign by visiting

Zostavax - GP decision aid

Zostavax® contains a live attenuated varicella-zoster virus, containing 14 times more virus than childhood varicella vaccines. Administration to people who are immunocompromised is associated with risk of disseminated disease from the vaccine virus. Our new GP decision aid be used to assist in the identification of patients who may be contraindicated for the shingles vaccine.

For further info including new resources, please refer to our MVEC: Zoster page.

Influenza vaccine recommendations for 2017

Flu season is now upon us! Please follow the link for the current influenza vaccine recommendations.

Influenza 2017 recommendations

Meningococcal disease

Meningococcal disease is caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis. There are 13 known sub-types (A, B, C, W and Y). In 2016, the main serotypes causing disease in Australia are B and W with variations noted by state. Importantly, they are both potentially vaccine preventable.

We have recently added a resource page for Meningococcal disease and vaccines to provide further information.

MTHFR gene explained

A number of families, consumers and healthcare professionals have been asking MVEC staff about the MTHFR gene (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) and possible adverse events following immunisation [AEFI]. Please refer to our MVEC page for further information.