Victorian hospitals are retrospectively reviewing patient records to determine if there have been further cases of patients presenting with a rare blood clotting disorder, temporally associated with the administration of COVID-19 AstraZeneca. A 44 year old health care worker in Victoria recently presented with abdominal pain, low platelet count and thrombosis, 12 days after being immunised. This follows reports of similar cases internationally where investigations by medical regulators are ongoing.

Professor Jim Buttery from SAEFVIC (Victoria’s vaccine safety service) suggests that it is unlikely that there would be many undetected cases due to the clotting disorder being so rare.

The TGA and ATAGI have recommended the continued rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine whilst investigations continue, and considers the benefit of vaccination outweighs any potential risks. ATAGI has urged anyone receiving COVID-19 AstraZeneca to be on alert for severe persistent headaches that are not resolved with over the counter pain relief. Health care professionals are advised that the threshold for reporting adverse events is low, with all serious adverse events thoroughly reviewed by an expert panel.

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