No Jab No Play

The Victorian state Government’s recently proposed ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation will be effective from the 1英石 of January 2016.

The aim of these changes is to improve vaccination rates and reduce the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. It will require confirmation of vaccination status when enrolling for childcare. Similar legislation is already in place in NSW and Queensland.

More details on the legislation and documentation required are in the Resources section of the 'No Jab no Play' page on our MVEC website




BCG vaccine availability

Note: there is currently a worldwide shortage of BCG vaccine.

The current Australian supply ends December 31英石 2015 and at this stage there is no replacement BCG vaccine available.

To make a BCG clinic appointment before 2016, please see the Resources on the BCG Vaccine immunisation reference page.

For more information on the BCG vaccine please follow the link to our website BCG Vaccine