Zostavax vaccine: Safety advisory - risk of disseminated varicella zoster virus (vaccine strain) infection

Following a third report of fatal disseminated vaccine strain varicella-zoster virus infection following Zostavax administration, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is reminding health professionals that Zostavax should not be used in people with compromised immune function.

Further details on the alert can be seen here:

Zostavax vaccine: Safety advisory

For more information on Zostavax® and access to the Zostavax® GP decision aid please review the MVEC pages below:

微血管内皮细胞: 带状疱疹

微血管内皮细胞: Zoster vaccine (Zostavax®) FAQ’s

New immunisation reference page: COVID-19 vaccine platforms

Multiple different vaccine technologies or 'platforms' are being trialled by the over 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently in development in an effort to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our new reference page provides a summary of the different approaches, including the newer or 'novel' platforms, and highlights the COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the most advanced stages of clinical trials.

To learn more follow the link below:

MVEC: COVID-19 vaccine platforms

FDA report reveals phase 3 clinical trial data for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine candidate

In preparation for a meeting of its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), the FDA has made public the interim results of phase 3 clinical trials for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine candidate. This meeting will discuss the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) application and determine any recommendations for approval.

Phase 3 clinical trials for this vaccine were spread across 99 sites in the United States and participants were aged 18 years or older. The Moderna vaccine utilises a messenger RNA (mRNA) platform. Interim results show an acceptable safety profile. Following the administration of 2 doses, 28 days apart, it is reported that this vaccine has an efficacy rate of 94.5%.

To read the document in full please refer to the link below:

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee: FDA briefing document- Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

New immunisation reference page: Hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE)

A hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE) is the sudden onset of muscle limpness, reduced responsiveness or unresponsiveness, and pallor or cyanosis occurring after vaccination in early childhood. The episode usually occurs within 48 hours of vaccination and resolves spontaneously without treatment. Our new reference page describes HHE, its incidence and its impact on future vaccination.

To read more please follow the link below:

MVEC: Hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode (HHE)

MVEC 动画:COVID-19 疫苗之路

随着澳大利亚期待从 2021 年初开始的 COVID-19 疫苗计划,MVEC 创建了以下内容 动画片 与更广泛的受众分享,以帮助解释在压缩的时间内开发安全有效的 COVID-19 疫苗的过程。

有关疫苗开发过程的更多信息,请参阅我们的免疫参考页面 这里.

有关澳大利亚临时疫苗注册途径的信息,请参阅我们的参考页面 这里.

对话:昆士兰大学/CSL 疫苗为何因 HIV 检测“假阳性”而失败?疫苗专家解释

Further clinical trials of the UQ/CSL COVID-19 vaccine candidate have been called off after phase 1 results showed that participants had returned 'false positive' HIV tests. The UQ/CSL vaccine utilises molecular clamp technology involving components of a HIV protein. These components are unable to cause a HIV infection, however participants were shown to be creating antibodies against HIV which then leads to a false positive HIV test result.

以下文章证实未发现任何安全问题。它表明研究人员采取了适当行动,以减少对不准确测试结果的不必要焦虑,并增强公众对未来 COVID-19 疫苗计划的信心。


对话:昆士兰大学/CSL 疫苗为何因 HIV 检测“假阳性”而失败?疫苗专家解释

The Conversation: People with severe allergies warned off Pfizer COVID vaccine for now. But that may change as more details emerge

As a precautionary measure, the UK medicines regulator have advised that people with a significant history of allergic reactions should not receive the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine after 2 people experienced allergic reactions. The following article outlines how common allergies to vaccines are, why these types of reactions weren't noted in clinical trials and the role of ongoing safety surveillance and monitoring.


The Conversation: People with severe allergies warned off Pfizer COVID vaccine for now. But that may change as more details emerge 



MVEC eLearning: Vaccination Procedures

MVEC are excited to launch our first eLearning package. Our eLearning packages are designed to allow immunisation providers consolidate and evaluate their technical skills. Targeted resources are available to assist with our eLearning and a certificate of completion will be made available upon completion of the corresponding eLearning quiz.

Vaccination Procedures provides an overview into the vaccination process including pre-immunisation assessment, the cold chain, vaccine administration technique and post vaccination procedures.

You can access Vaccination Procedures via the MVEC 教育门户 或通过以下链接:

Australian Government Department of Health: COVID-19 vaccines

The Australian Government Department of Health have developed a dedicated resource for COVID-19 vaccines. This site will host news and information for Australians about the development, approval process and plans for COVID-19 vaccines.

To access this resource, please follow the link below:

Australian Government Department of Health: COVID-19 vaccines

New immunisation reference page: Provisional registration of COVID-19 vaccine(s) in Australia

There is lots of interest nationally and internationally regarding the process for regulation of COVID-19 vaccines and concerns that things may be moving ‘too fast’ and steps may be missed. There is also some confusion regarding how these vaccine regulatory processes may vary between countries. Our new reference page outlines the role of the regulatory bodies in Australia in ensuring that any vaccine(s) meets safety and efficacy requirements, what the Australian provisional registration pathway looks like, and how this differs from the vaccine approval processes being used in the USA and Europe.

To read more please refer to:

MVEC: Provisional registration of COVID-19 vaccine(s) in Australia