COVID19疫苗之路第11集:Margie Danchin副教授和Julie Leask教授

在我们的新冠疫苗之路系列的第 11 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 与疫苗信心专家 Margie Danchin 副教授和 Julie Leask 教授进行了交谈。玛吉是皇家儿童医院的儿科医生顾问、墨尔本大学儿科和默多克儿童研究所的副教授,她是默多克儿童研究所疫苗摄取小组的负责人。 Julie 是悉尼大学医学与健康学院苏珊瓦基尔护理与助产学院的社会科学家和教授,也是 NCIRS(国家免疫研究与监测中心)的客座教授研究员。在这一集中,他们讨论了:

  • 从澳大利亚的角度应对疫苗犹豫并增强疫苗信心 
  • 在疫苗信心、犹豫和接受方面,语言和定义的重要性 
  • (5) 让公众为 SARS-CoV-2 疫苗做好准备的重要方法
  • 社交媒体平台在传达这些信息方面的作用
  • 衡量社区对疫苗信心的重要性
  • 围绕不良事件进行良好沟通以赢得社区信任和维持疫苗计划的方法,包括利用专业免疫诊所 (SIC) 的专业知识



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New immunisation reference page: Foetal embryonic cells- utilised in vaccine development platforms

Foetal embryonic cell lines isolated in the early 1960's have been used to develop a number of various vaccines. As scientists work to produce an effective vaccine against SARS CoV-2 it is important to explore as many technologies as possible. Addressing ethical and religious concerns is an essential part of COVID-19 vaccine readiness planning. Our new reference page details the background behind the use of foetal embryonic cells and the role they play in the development of vaccines, the reasons why they are used, as well as addressing any religious and ethical implications.

To access our reference page follow the link to MVEC: Foetal embryonic cells- utilised in vaccine development platforms.

The use of foetal tissue in vaccine development

There has been attention in the media recently regarding the use of foetal cell lines by the Oxford Vaccine Group to develop their COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Cell lines are currently used to manufacture many vaccines including varicella, hepatitis A, rabies and MMR vaccines. 

The below information from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP) discusses the background behind using these cell lines in vaccine development as well as any potential ethical or religious concerns surrounding this. 

Vaccine ingredients- Fetal tissues



The RCH Immunisation Service: Drive-through clinic is now open

To support families in continuing to receive scheduled vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCH Immunisation Service has just opened its own immunisation drive-through clinic. Additional precautions have been implemented to ensure the safety of all patients, families and staff. Access to medical care remains an essential service during this time and staying up to date with scheduled immunisations is encouraged.

The drive-through clinic will operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am - 1pm until September 15. 

Bookings for the drive-through clinic are mandatory and can be made by contacting the immunisation team via this link. 

New immunisation reference page: Immunosuppression and vaccines

Having certain medical conditions or taking specific medications can lead to immunosuppression and the decreased ability to fight infections. For these patients, prevention of disease is critical. Our new reference page outlines additional vaccines to consider, and specific vaccines that may be contraindicated.

To learn more follow the link to MVEC:免疫抑制和疫苗 

COVID19疫苗之路第10集:Paul Young教授和Trent Munro教授

在我们的 COVID19 疫苗之路系列的第 10 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 与 Paul Young 教授和 Trent Munro 教授讨论了昆士兰大学 (UQ) 的 COVID-19 候选疫苗。昆士兰大学和 CEPI(流行病防范与创新联盟)与 CSL (Seqirus) 合作,推进其新型分子钳技术,以开发针对 COVID-19 的疫苗。该疫苗最近已进入一期临床试验。在这一集中,他们讨论了:

  • 昆士兰大学新冠肺炎疫苗研发流程
  • CEPI 参与他们的试验
  • 使用分子钳平台开发蛋白质 SARS-CoV-2 疫苗
  • 他们的临床前试验结果
  • 他们与 CSL/Seqirus 的合作以及 MF59 佐剂的使用
  • 他们的临床试验的时间表和接下来的步骤 



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New immunisation reference page: Breastfeeding and immunisations

Immunising breastfeeding mothers can not only protect the mother from vaccine preventable diseases but also provide passive immunity to the baby. Our new reference page details different vaccines and scenarios for consideration when immunising a mother who is breastfeeding.

To learn more follow the link to MVEC: Breastfeeding and immunisation

HealthEd podcast featuring Associate Professor Nigel Crawford

MVEC's Associate Professor Nigel Crawford was recently a guest speaker on the HealthEd podcast series Going Viral. In this podcast, Nigel discusses the COVID-19 vaccine, its access equity, safety and manufacture; as well as antibody responses following COVID-19 disease and how this may impact our vaccine strategy.

To listen to this podcast please follow the link

COVID19 疫苗之路第 9 集:Robert Booy 教授

在我们的 COVID19 疫苗之路系列的第 9 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与 Robert Booy 教授进行了交谈。罗伯特是悉尼大学儿科和儿童健康教授,也是韦斯特米德儿童医院国家免疫研究和监测中心 NCIRS 的高级教授研究员。他对严重感染及其预防有特殊的研究兴趣,特别是在老年护理设施的设置方面。在这一集中,他们讨论了:

  • SARS-CoV-2 的特殊风险群体,特别是那些在老年护理机构中生活和工作的人
  • 衰老过程如何导致免疫衰老及其对老年人群疫苗功效的影响
  • 佐剂在老年人疫苗中的使用
  • 如何改善老年护理机构的公共卫生信息传递和呼吸系统疾病的管理
  • 从世界各地老年护理居民和工作人员高死亡率中吸取的经验教训,以及如何为澳大利亚老年护理机构应对疫情提供参考



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病毒和时钟,与 Moderna 的 Tal Zaks - 米尔肯研究所的播客

在此播客中,米尔肯研究所采访了 Moderna Therapeutics 的首席医疗官 Tal Zaks,讨论了他们使用信使 RNA (mRNA) 技术开发 COVID-19 候选疫苗。从病毒测序到候选疫苗开始人体临床试验,他们只用了 63 天。希望这项新技术也可以用于治疗其他遗传疾病。 

收听播客 这里