NEJM: Evaluating and Deploying Covid-19 Vaccines — The Importance of Transparency, Scientific Integrity, and Public Trust

The following article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, discusses the importance of adhering to well-established and transparent regulatory processes when it comes to approving a COVID-19 vaccine. Reassuring the public with robust scientific evaluation from independent bodies, without interference from governments for the purposes of political advantage, is essential to promote public confidence and ensure the success of vaccination programs. 

Read the article in full here:

NEJM: Evaluating and Deploying Covid-19 Vaccines — The Importance of Transparency, Scientific Integrity, and Public Trust

New immunisation reference page: Identifying AEFI in diverse skin colour

The assessment of skin for clinical signs and symptoms is important when identifying adverse events following immunisation (AEFI). Since most dermatological assessment guidelines commonly refer to the presentation of symptoms in patients with light skin tones, the identification of AEFI in a timely manner in diverse skin colours can be challenging for immunisation providers.

Our new reference page details how symptoms such as pallor, cyanosis, erythema and urticaria may appear in diverse skin colours and discusses alternate methods of recognition. For more information please follow the link below:

MVEC: Identifying AEFI in diverse skin colour




新冠疫苗之路第 14 集:布鲁斯·杰林博士

在第 14 集中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与 Bruce Gellin 博士进行了对话。布鲁斯是华盛顿萨宾疫苗研究所全球免疫部门的主席。萨宾疫苗研究所的使命是让疫苗更容易获得、促进创新并在全球范围内扩大免疫接种范围。 Bruce 于 2017 年担任这一职务,在此之前,他担任美国卫生与公众服务部国家疫苗计划办公室副助理部长,并担任世界卫生组织的技术和政策顾问,重点关注流感疫苗和全球疫苗接种问题。疫苗犹豫问题。布鲁斯还曾在疾病控制和预防中心 (CDC) 工作,为全球疫苗和免疫联盟提供咨询,并且是美国疫苗和免疫接种方面的主要发言人之一。他和奈杰尔在疫苗信心的背景下讨论了以下内容:

  • 牛津阿斯利康试验最近停止,以及现有系统如何完全发挥作用
  • “刀具事件”及其对疫苗安全性的持续影响,特别是从生产角度来看
  • 确保免疫提供者了解疫苗开发过程非常重要,就好像他们不了解并且持怀疑态度一样,这会对疫苗的吸收产生巨大影响 
  • 公开披露在疫苗开发途径中的重要性
  • 萨宾疫苗研究所如何应对疫苗犹豫的挑战
  • 萨宾针对医护人员的“Boost”计划 
  • 疫苗使用后如何进行监测,也称为 IV 期监测



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New immunisation reference page: Injection site nodules

Injection site nodules are a rare but known adverse event following immunisation. They can occur following any vaccine and are most commonly asymptomatic and self resolving. Our new reference page describes what injection site nodules are and the implications on future immunisations.

To learn more follow the link below:


COVID19 Road to a vaccine episode 13: Professor Kim Mulholland

In episode 13, our host, Associate Professor Nigel Crawford, speaks to Professor Kim Mulholland. Kim is a paediatrician and Professor of Child Health from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the University of Melbourne department of Paediatrics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. With post-graduate training in immunology, respiratory medicine and tropical medicine, his vast experience includes developing a program of research covering all aspects of childhood pneumonia which helped guide WHO policies. He has been involved in the oversight of many vaccine trials and has served on steering committees or DSMBs for a range of vaccines including pneumococcal, dengue, RSV and COVID-19. He and Nigel discuss:

  • global issues brought about by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and some of the surprising ways the virus has spread globally
  • what we can learn from seroprevalence in countries such as India
  • vaccine nationalism and the push for global solidarity
  • the role of Australia in the pacific region in regards to vaccine preparedness
  • global, equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines


Listen here:

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Check your knowledge on cold chain with MVEC's new quiz

MVEC and the Victorian DHHS Immunisation section have developed a new quiz for immunisation providers, aiming to check their knowledge on vaccine cold chain. Adherence to cold chain guidelines is essential to ensure that any vaccine administered to patients is safe and efficacious.

To access this quiz please head to the MVEC 教育门户 or click on the link below:

MVEC: Quizzes



Halting the Oxford vaccine trial doesn't mean it's not safe- it shows they're following the right process

Due to a single event of an unexplained illness, the AstraZeneca Oxford group have announced a voluntary pause on all vaccinations across all sites of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate clinical trial. This pause will allow an independent committee to review the safety data and investigate the incident. 

The following article, published in The Conversation, outlines how this halt doesn't necessarily indicate that the vaccine is not safe, but reflects the robust processes for clinical trials. It is important to recognise that whilst these clinical trials are moving at pandemic speed, safety is not being compromised.

The Conversation: Halting the Oxford vaccine trial doesn't mean it's not safe- it shows they're following the right process

COVID19疫苗之路第12集:Heidi Larson教授

在本期《新冠疫苗之路》中,我们的主持人 Nigel Crawford 副教授与 Heidi Larson 教授进行了对话。海蒂是一位人类学家、疫苗信心项目主任、伦敦卫生与热带医学学院人类学教授。疫苗信心项目是世卫组织解决疫苗犹豫问题的卓越中心。海蒂是联合国儿童基金会全球免疫沟通的前任负责人,担任全球疫苗和免疫联盟倡导工作组的主席,并在世卫组织疫苗犹豫问题 SAGE 工作组中任职。在这一集中,他们讨论了:

  • 海蒂如何以及为何创立疫苗信心项目
  • 为什么在尚未有疫苗完成临床试验所有阶段的情况下,疫苗信心对于 SARS-CoV-2 疫苗来说已被证明如此重要
  • 不同国家应对 SARS-CoV-2 大流行的方式是否会影响疫苗信心
  • 医护人员对疫苗接种情况进行建模以提高疫苗信心的重要性
  • 我们可以利用社交媒体促进疫苗准备的积极方式
  • 对强制疫苗接种的抵制以及社区免疫与群体免疫的重要性



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流感疾病可能在一年中的任何时间发生,建议 6 个月以上的每个人都接种疫苗。某些患者群体有资格获得国家免疫计划 (NIP) 资助的流感疫苗。不符合资助标准的人也可以购买。

有关 2020 年流感疫苗接种的更多信息,请参阅以下资源:

Australian Government Department of Health: 2020 influenza vaccines- it's not too late to get vaccinated
MVEC:流感疫苗 - 常见问题

New immunisation reference page: Melbourne immunisation drive-through clinics

Staying up to date with scheduled and additional vaccinations, remains essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerning results from the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) National Child Health Poll, indicate the impact that the pandemic has had on immunisation, with data showing 1 in 5 children have had those vaccinations delayed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Families are reminded that it is safe and recommended to attend local immunisation providers (GP or local council) for vaccinations, however drive-through clinics are also available at Monash Health in Clayton and the RCH in Parkville. 

For more information please refer to the following:

MVEC: Melbourne immunisation drive-through clinics