Are you on target?

Utilising a correct injection technique is of vital importance when providing immunisations to patients in order to optimise the immune response and to minimise side effects. To ensure that your technique is on target please refer to our MVEC reference page for further information:

Administration of injected vaccines- correct technique

What's new on the horizon?

MVEC is often contacted with queries regarding what is new in vaccines and immunisation policy. To access a summary of vaccinology discussions from various National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups (NiTAGs) please refer to our MVEC reference page:

Horizon scanning: What's new in vaccines and international immunisation policy

It's not too late to have your flu vaccine!

This year there has been an unprecedented demand for the influenza vaccine resulting in periodic shortages. The vaccine is now back in supply across all age groups for both the Victorian state funded program (six months to less than 5 years), as well as the National Immunisation Program. Influenza immunisation is strongly recommended for anyone wishing to be protected against influenza disease and it's complications.

For further information please refer to our MVEC pages:


Influenza vaccine recommendations- FAQs