Positive news out of the United Kingdom with findings set to be published in the coming days demonstrating one dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine starts providing protection in as little as two weeks in younger adults, and three weeks in the elderly population. The data further demonstrates the vaccine is just as effective in people aged over 80-years as it is in people aged under 65-years.

One dose has shown to reduce symptomatic infection risk by 65% in younger adults and by 64% in people aged over 80 years, with protection rising to between 79% and 84% after two doses.

Scientists also note data regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine is showing similar levels of protection across all age groups.

The research is suggestive that people in Britain who have been vaccinated to date will have high levels of protection by the end of February, with admissions to intensive care expected to fall by up to a third by early March.

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