Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, Australia’s Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly, has advised of a changed recommendation to the timing of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines for certain groups.

为了确保住院老年护理机构和残疾人护理机构的所有居民和工作人员尽快接种疫苗,之前流感疫苗和 COVID-19 疫苗之间 14 天的最短间隔不再适用于该群体。

缩短这一时间不会对任何一种疫苗的有效性产生任何影响,并将为最弱势群体提供快速保护。流感疫苗和 COVID-19 疫苗不应在同一天接种。


Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly and Commodore Eric Young’s press conference on 27 May 2021