A reduced dose of a rotavirus vaccine developed from a unique neonatal rotavirus strain in Melbourne has produced a robust immune response in children at risk from the fatal rotavirus disease.  

Researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Clinical Research Programme and University of Liverpool have confirmed through a phase 2 clinical trial that three doses of the mid-level amount of vaccine produced an equivalent immune response as the highest dose schedule.  

This triumph in research and development is exceptionally gratifying to see as the first rotavirus vaccine was developed by Professors Ruth Bishop and Grame Barned at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. To continue to provide support to the communities most impacted, MCRI has made RV3-BB readily available to manufacturers for the license to produce on a large scale for an accessible price. 

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Dose-finding trial paves way for novel rotavirus vaccine to prevent a deadly diarrheal disease from birth