Trong bài báo sau đây của New York Times, nhà nhân chủng học và giám đốc của Dự án Niềm tin về Vắc xin, Professor Heidi Larson, suggests that vaccine hesitancy is not a byproduct of misinformation, but represents a problem with trust. Heidi’s research focuses on what factors undermine vaccine acceptance and immunisation uptake across the globe. She suggests that in order to build trust, health care providers need to focus communication strategies on answering the questions being asked and not just providing scientific information and public health recommendations.

Đọc bài viết đầy đủ dưới đây:

The New York Times: Cô ấy săn lùng những tin đồn lan truyền về virus có thật

Heidi was recently a special guest on our COVID-19 Road to a vaccine podcast series. To listen to Heidi’s episode follow the below link to our podcast page:

COVID19 Đường đến vắc-xin